YouTube has just posted a series of videos that aim to help students learn not only more about the YouTube service, but also about being a good digital citizen across the internet as well.

The have developed a curriculum that is aimed towards secondary students (6th-12th grade). According to their website, the curriculum aims to educate students on the following topics:

  • YouTube’s policies
  • How to report content on YouTube
  • How to protect their privacy online
  • How to be responsible YouTube community members
  • How to be responsible digital citizens

Google comments, “We hope that students and educators gain useful skills and a holistic understanding about responsible digital citizenship, not only on YouTube, but in all online activity.” I am thrilled that they have devoted resources to making these materials that really do need to be taught early on.

I have gone through the lessons and find them extremely relevant to what students encounter on the web. They are also fitting for the specified age ranges. Below I have included the lesson track that Google recommends with links to the materials.

Below is a list of lessons, and the recommended flow for delivery. Lessons are designed to fit within 50 minute classes, but can be adapted to fit your schedule:

  1. What Makes YouTube Unique – Basic facts and figures (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 1,Slides Lesson 1
  2. Detecting Lies – (35 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 2Slides Lesson 2
  3. Safety Mode – (5 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 3Slides Lesson 3
  4. Online Reputation and Cyberbullying – (45 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 4Slides Lesson 4
  5. Policy – The Community Guidelines (20 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 5Slides Lesson 5
  6. Reporting content – Flagging (20 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 6Slides Lesson 6
  7. Privacy part 1 – (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 7Slides Lesson 7
  8. Privacy part 2 – (50 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 8Slides Lesson 8
  9. Copyright – (40 mins) – Teacher’s Guide Lesson 9Slides Lesson 9
  10. Additional resources/Appendix including parent resources – Teacher’s Guide Additional MaterialsSlides Additional Materials

Or you can download the Full Teacher’s Guide or the Full Set of Slides in PDF.


Here is a link to the informational page:


Here is a link to the YouTube channel for the Curriculum:


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