If you have been using IFTTT for long enough, you remember the Twitter triggers that used to make life so much easier. As Twitter evolved, the triggers slowly diminished and eventually were no longer supported.

For those of you who don’t know what IFTTT is, IFTTT (If THIS then THAT) is a service that allows users to define a trigger (a new RSS feed item, a new tweet) and an action (tweet it for me, put it in Google Drive) to form a recipe that can be used and shared. It connects dozens of different internet services together to make it easy to customize your use of different tools available on the internet.

As of today, IFTTT has re-instated Twitter triggers and has subsequently thrilled the Twitter and IFTTT community. Here are a few of them that can be used with a multitude of other services to create highly productive workflows.

New tweet by you” – This trigger fires each time you post a new tweet. It is great for automatically archiving your tweets into a service like Google Drive.

New tweet by you with hashtag” – This trigger fires each time you post a new tweet with a specific hashtag. Great for selectively operating specific tweets or for archiving yout tweets from various Twitter chats.

New link by you” – This trigger fires for every link you tweet. If your tweet has multiple links, it will fire multiple times. Great to socially bookmark your shared links.

New favorite tweet by you” – This trigger fires every time you favorite a tweet. This is one of my favorites as it will allow you to archive any tweet you favorite – a huge advantage to keep ideas together and to never lose a particularly great tweet.


With Twitter being such a great resource for educators to share information, IFTTT has really helped us keep all the great information shared organized and archived for later viewing. Definitely check out some of the great recipes available using Twitter triggers and get your Twitter account organized!