When you can’t be there in person to work with someone on a project, screen sharing has been a ‘next best thing’ with regard to getting things done and still being in the loop. The problem with the existing ways to share screens is that only one person can be in control and the rest are relegated to simply watching.

That is all about to change with the launch of a new application called Screenhero. Screenhero allows people to connect with each other’s screens and collaborate on the same screen simultaneously. Yes, that means that two people can be working on the same screen at the same time. Think of a Google doc, but anywhere on your computer.

Before you get sad thinking about the fact that you have a Mac and your friend has a PC and that there is no way this would work – think again! Screenhero is cross-platform so it will work with both Mac and PC.

Uses in Education:

This is a great way for educators to collaborate on a project or shared lesson plan. It is also great for students to work collaboratively on homework assignments, group projects, or demonstrate knowledge while still being able to receive help when needed.

Check out Screenhero.com to download the software!