There comes a time when you have accrued a thousand devices in your building and rely on one or two moderately stressed individuals to manage them all. In order to help lighten the load, many schools turn to students for entry-level tech support.

What I am looking to do in our district is implement a ‘Student Technology Assistant’ that will receive credit for helping teachers and students get the most out of the building’s technology. They will assist with device malfunction, software training, and project design and implementation.

What I am struggling with is what these individuals will be responsible for, what their duties will be, and who should be eligible for this type of ‘class’.

I have setup a Google Doc that I am interested in crowd-sourcing to get a dynamic perspective on this idea. Please, consider adding comments, ideas, and thoughts that correspond to this topic. The document is available here.

Remember, no contribution is too small or is ever wrong!

Thanks in advance.