At first glance, Quizizz reminded me a lot of one of my favorite tools, Kahoot. After trying it out, it is quite similar with a few unique differences. Information about this tool is shared in the traditional Who, what, where, how style below.


Quizizz is a web-based classroom activity tool that allows for multiplayer practice of quizzes or assessments that are setup in advance (by teachers or students).


In most applications, a Quizizz will be created in advance by the teacher and then used with students to gauge understanding or to practice concepts. Students are also capable of creating Quizizz games and using them with classmates or as part of a class presentation (role flipping in the classroom).


Quizizz is web-based and therefore on any ‘smart’ device that has internet access (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc). Get started at


Teachers go to and create their quiz (or use one that has already been made publicly available). Once created, the instructor clicks Play and it generates a unique game code. Students/participants then go to to get in on the game.

Here is a video walkthrough of Quizizz:


One of the biggest differences between Quizizz and Kahoot is that the possible answers show on the participants device instead of just corresponding shapes/colors. This makes it much easier to play with a large group as it allows for everyone to see the multiple choices much easier.

How are you using Quizizz in your classroom?