Many teachers have found great use for podcasts in their classrooms. With podcasts, there is a little something for everyone, which is great for education since pretty much every content area is well-represented.

What there hasn’t been, however, is a well designed and effective way to play your podcasts. Apple has the iTunes Store for iOS, which is OK. Stitcher is pretty good, but almost overwhelming.

Enter podbay (App Store link). With its simple search right on the main screen and a list of recent podcasts, all of which save your place where you left off last, it is the best and most reliable interface I have found.

Consider using it with your students or just for yourself on your way to and from work (as it integrates with most car audio systems perfectly, something Music Store does not). It comes in a free ad-supported version and a pro version for $0.99.

Podbay – App Store