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Published on April 18th, 2012 | by Jeff Herb


Picnik out, PicMonkey in


For someone who used Picnik both in the classroom and personally, you could understand my surprise and sadness when Google acquired the image editing website and decided to shut it down (as of this Friday).

Considering it was the best FREE image editing tool (that I knew about) online, I frantically started my search for a reasonable replacement. I didn’t find much initially, but clearly I wasn’t the only one that was going to miss the service.

Two developers that started with the Picnik team near its inception left their job at Google a couple months ago and started working on a replacement for their beloved site. What they ended up creating was

They claim that PicMonkey is “78% more monkey” than Picnik – which is a comical because it doesn’t say much specifically, but you can infer that PicMonkey will take what was great from Picnik and build it to be a pretty powerful imaging tool.

In my initial use and testing of PicMonkey, I found all the functionality of its predecessor – with a ton of greatness already added. It is a stable, quick way to manipulate your images into something pretty great – easily and free.

Check it out at

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