(These are the exact instructions for Office 2007)

It is very common for people to use a YouTube video as a reference during a presentation. Usually, that requires stopping the show, opening your browser, finding the right video, and then clicking play.

The alternative is to embed the video directly in your slide. You can set the PowerPoint to automatically play the video when the slide becomes active, set the video to loop when it is over, and change the size of the video to fit your needs.

Luckily, the YouTube user maniactive has created a great video detailing how you can go about embedding the video directly into your PowerPoint. It is easy to do and will add a lot of professionalism to your presentation.

Questions about the process? Ask in the comments.

For those who prefer reading directions, here they are:

  1. Copy the URL to the YouTube video you want to embed in your PowerPoint.
  2. Open PowerPoint (this set of instructions works with 2007).
  3. If you have the Developer tab in the menu, skip to step 4, otherwise use the following sub-steps to get the tab added.
    1. Click the Office Button (bizarre circle button in the top left corner).
    2. Click PowerPoint Options
    3. Under the ‘Popular’ menu, click to show the Developer Tab in the Ribbon
    4. Close the Options menu.
  4. Click the Developer Tab.
  5. Click the small button that looks like tools crossing each other.
  6. Scroll down and select Shockwave Flash Object
  7. Draw the size of the video you would like on the correct slide.
  8. Once the box is drawn, right click on it and select properties.
  9. In the box that shows up, paste the YouTube link into the field marked ‘Video’
    1. You need to delete the section of the URL that contains ‘watch?’
    2. Change the = to a /
    3. The link will look like this in the box: http://youtube.com/v/d3092ksr
  10. If you don’t want the video to loop when it finishes, change the Loop variable to False.
  11. Close the Properties box.
  12. While it still looks like an empty box, when you run the show it will appear as a YouTube video (test it to make sure it works!).