It has been a push over the last year to integrate more technology and devices into the classroom. The concept is thrilling, but is your building technologically and procedurally ready for each student to have their own device? Here are some considerations:

  • Wireless Access
      • Do you have access points for each classroom?
      • Good access points can manage 30-50 devices, which likely means an access point per classroom in a high school. There is nothing worse than not being able to do a lesson because ‘some’ students can’t get online.
  • Professional Development
      • Does your staff (and students) know how to use the technology you are considering?
      • What costs, both time and monetary, will be incurred?
  • Policy
      • Has your technology use policy been updated to reflect every student having a device all day?
      • What consequences are given for misuse, considering this device may likely be their textbook for all their classes?
  • Testing
      • Has your chosen device (or list of allowed devices) been throughly tested? Remember to try all apps to ensure they achieve their desired purpose.
      • If you’re planning BYOD, ensure that all tools and software used is cross-platform or web-based.
  • Accommodations
      • What will you do if a student doesn’t have a device to bring? Will one be provided to them?
      • How will you determine who gets a district device vs. who is responsible for supplying their own? In this case, what is to stop someone from saying they don’e have a device/can’t afford a device just to get the new iPad that the district provides?

I am a big fan of 1-to-1 technology in classrooms, but it must be thought out and planned to ensure it is successful and not more headaches than it’s worth.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Have other considerations not listed? Comment below!