doc-cam-feature-wThe iPad has found yet another great use in the classroom – as a document camera to record and/or project just about anything.

Either by using a homemade rig or one purchased through this website, the iPad is a great device to achieve one of the following great things:

  • Annotate over the projected image (use a great app called Board Cam)
  • Record your lessons to post for the class later
  • Record a dissection or science experiment and annotate over the video (apps such as Coaches Eye)
  • Project and annotate textbooks
  • Create and discuss mind maps and graphic organizers (several apps do this)

The nice thing about using the iPad as a document camera is that it has several options to project the screen.

The first way is through the dock connecter into a VGA port (or HDMI). This wired option is the most reliable and easiest to setup with minimal additional equipment needed.

The second way is via AirPlay wireless streaming. This is an extremely convenient option as it doesn’t require any wires and can be used anywhere in the room. What is needed is either a computer that can accept AirPlay connections or an Apple TV that will connect to the projector and mirror the iPad’s screen.

For the easiest way to use your iPad as a document camera, consider using the stand that is created by Justand – it serves multiple purposes and is great for the classroom. Check it out here.

Have great uses for an iPad as a document camera? Know of a good way to setup the iPad for free? Post it in the comments!