Google announced that their Quickoffice apps that were acquired about a year ago will now be free to all iOS and Android users. These apps used to be available for free to Google Apps for Business customers, but a recent change offers them up to all Google users.

Using Quickoffice, users can edit Microsoft native document formats. All of the files are then conveniently stored on Google Drive.

Part of the exciting announcement was also that signing into Quickoffice by September 26, 2013 will automatically add 10GB of storage space to the users Google Drive account for 2 years. This extra storage space makes Quickoffice worth downloading in itself.

The app works across all devices – one app for your iPhone and iPad – making it a seamless transition when working on a document on the go.

What does this mean?

  • Schools that use iPads but also have a dominant Windows environment will now have a reliable app to edit documents created on PC counterparts.

Actionable Items: 

  • Get 10 GB storage on Google Drive for FREE by signing into the Quickoffice app
  • Download Quickoffice for iOS or for Android