Have Hall Monitors and a web-based student management system? Consider getting them iPod Touch devices to increase efficiency.

Our high schools each employ three full-time hall monitors that are responsible for tardies, checking passes, and helping the offices and administrators get messages to students and collect students to go other places in the building. They help with locker jams, help find subs for missing teachers, and help patrol the lunchroom for ‘super lunchers’ that never quite made it back to class.

All of this makes for a pretty busy day and the need to access a lot of student information. They are in constant radio communication with offices to get student data that could be readily available to them.

Our district uses Infinite Campus as our student management system. IC is great since it houses all student records, is web-based, has iOS apps, and is well designed.

With the need to access information and the availability of a web-based student management system, why not equip hall monitors with iPod Touch devices to quickly access student information?


  • Access student schedules immediately
      • Know for sure if a student is going where they should be.
  • Locker Information
      • Look up locations and combinations for those having trouble.
  • Write discipline referrals on the go
  • Communicate with others
      • Send data or names via messages as opposed to saying them over the radio for all to hear.

This could be a great way to boost productivity and usefulness of the hall monitors in your building. Sure, there are a few things that need to be in place to accomplish this:

  • iOS/web-enabled devices
  • Web-Based Student Management System (i.e. Infinite Campus)
  • Building equipped with WiFi
  • Proper training

Have this implemented in your school? Let us know how it works in the comments below!