About a month ago Edmodo announced a pretty awesome iPad app that was self-admittedly ‘built for touch.’ This app streamlined the way iPad classrooms function and interact with Edmodo – increasing ease of use and productivity through refined workflows.

At that announcement Quizzes for the iPad app were also discussed – saying that they would be coming ‘soon’ and that Edmodo was excited about the upcoming functionality.

Today, Edmodo has released an update for the app that now enables Quizzing functionality for the iPad. Here is what they said on their blog post: “With the latest app update, students can now take and submit quizzes directly from within the app. For now, Edmodo quizzes must still be created on the web version – but stay tuned, quiz creation for iPad is coming!”

As many teachers already create quizzes on the web-based version, I think this won’t be a big deal – especially knowing that an iPad creation tool is in the works.

Here’s how it works:

“With the touch of their finger, students can start a quiz, toggle between questions, flag any questions they want to go back to later, and review their work. Before submitting a quiz, the app reminds students about any questions they’ve skipped and left blank, allowing them to confirm that they’re done before turning it in.”

Students and teachers alike will be excited to have this functionality added into the app. It continually works to streamline how mobile devices can be effectively used in the classroom.

Using Edmodo in the classroom? Let us know your thoughts!