Keeping in the same Twitter theme as the first week, this week’s challenge will utilize the account you created last week and show you what else there is to offer on Twitter.

Twitter chats are just as they sound. At a predetermined time, using a predetermined hashtag (#PATUE for example), people who are interested in a specific topic will login to Twitter and be able to respond to various questions posed by the chat moderator. Twitter chats can be as small as a couple people or as large as thousands of participants. Either way, collaboration and communication is exhibited and demonstrated in a way that will increase your knowledge on the chosen topic and will keep you coming back for more.

These chats do not discriminate. Even if you just created a Twitter account today, you are more than welcome to participate in a chat.


The Challenge

Participate in a Twitter Chat.

(If you have already participated/currently participate in Twitter Chats, consider finding a new one to jump in on this week.)


Participation, for those who are a tad weary, can mean several things when it comes to a Twitter chat.

  1. Participate by viewing the chat, engaging in the material being shared, and take action with new information learned.
  2. Participate by retweeting or favoriting tweets that you find to be the best during the chat.
  3. Participate by contributing to the conversation. Respond to a question or elaborate on another chat member’s response.
  4. Participate by moderating a chat. If you’ve been involved in several sessions of the same chat, perhaps now is the time to offer to be the guest moderator? Offer the host a week off by preparing questions for that week’s topic.


However you decide to participate, here is an easy way for you to keep up with the flow of similarly tagged tweets:

1. If you don’t have a Twitter account, complete Challenge 1 first.

2. Figure out what chat you’d like to participate in – here is a list of great Instructional Tech chats.

2. Head over to and click ‘Sign In’ in the upper right.

3. Authorize TweetChat to connect with your Twitter account by entering your credentials and clicking authorize.

4. Enter the hashtag of the chat you’d like to participate in (ex. #PATUE).

5. Click go. The most recent posts from that hashtag will load and update every 10 seconds by default.

6. You can compose new tweets (hashtag automatically appended), reply to tweets, retweet with comment, and favorite tweets from the stream all from TweetChat.


As always, once you complete the challenge, make sure you Tweet out your success by clicking the button below:


Here is a short video detailing the process for those who prefer to watch!