Yep, Presefy ( does just what the title says. What’s even better is that it does this from any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world.

The teacher simply uploads their deck of slides to Presefy and when they’re ready to begin they login and select which presentation to start. The viewers (students, in this case) simply go to to find a list of active presentations for that individual (teacher). Students can make notes on the presentation, take screenshots, and can download a copy of the presentation on their own device for later reference.

The ability to interact with a presentation on a device that is in your hands leads to much less distraction and opportunity of off-task behavior. It also helps those students who sit in the back that may not be able to see the entire screen. Since it can be viewed from anywhere internet is available, it even makes students that are home sick capable of being in on the presentation and not being as far behind upon their return.

At the current moment Presefy supports PowerPoint and PDF documents for their service. They are, however, busy working on expanding those options and if they’re smart, enabling integration with Prezi, HaikuDeck, etc. is free to use and looks to be a great option for classrooms, faculty meetings, and presentations at conferences.