Our friends at StudyBlue recently developed a great list of note taking tips that are increasingly more relevant now that school is back in session. What they nailed is that note taking isn’t easy for every student – many get overwhelmed and then subsequently shut down.

We all know the value of note taking. Writing down information really helps commit that content to memory. In order to best serve all your students, consider the following with your students regarding their note taking and study habits.

Note Taking Tips From StudyBlue

  1. Make it stick with video and audio – manual or online visual assists can help you remember
  2. Less is more – capture the hot button words that will stick out and trigger you to remember the main point rather than trying to cram too much on one card or bullet
  3. Tools of the trade – use flashcards, highlighters, or other study tools that help you rather than the typical notebook and pen
  4. Make it fun – acronyms, festive highlighting, songs or even rhymes can help you capture information in a way that will be easy to remember
  5. Try out every style until you find the one that works for you –test different approaches and styles, study what you capture and see what actually resonates. Everyone is different, so you need to be honest about what is working and what is not, adjusting your study habits as you go

My favorite in the list is the idea that you should try every style until you find one that fits your needs. For instance, I tried so many note taking methods and finally landed on Evernote (which I now use religiously).

Consider the fact that all your students are very different and will need some trial and error time to find a way that works best for them. Share this list with them and maybe they will find that one of these improves the way they take notes in class.

Have a good note taking suggestion? Post it below!