Apollo is a great new cloud based tool that will enable you to energize your presentations. For over a year now tools such as Prezi have given us a more modernized set of tools to make our presentations stand out and less mundane. Apollo from Atlas Learning has really taken the presentation arena to the next level – here’s how.

  1. Apollo is designed for education. It promotes the teacher/student model and gives additional permissions for teachers and note taking tools for students.
  2. On-the-fly quizzing is easy as a click of a button. Once a quiz is enabled, ABCD shows up on the viewer’s screen and allows real-time response and result summary for the student/teacher. This is awesome for formative assessments and quick comprehension checks for teachers as they progress through content.
  3. Backchanneling is extremely easy. Students can ask questions as the presentation is progressing and other students can respond (as well as the teacher). Not feeling this feature? It can also be disabled.
  4. Students can take private notes that are accessible later – great for studying.
  5. Teachers do not have to recreate their presentations from other platforms. Liveslide allows import of PowerPoint slides, PDF, Keynote and HaikuDeck.
  6. You can quickly embed video from YouTube and images.
  7. You can give a student (viewer) control of the slide and allow them to annotate directly on the presentation. This is great if you are in a 1:1 environment or 1:a few. You can then immediately revoke control and pass it on to another student.

You can get your own Apollo account for FREE from Atlas Learning now by signing up at apollo.atlaslearning.net.

Interested in learning more about Apollo? Contact me or Jon Samuelson (@iPadSammy) and he will be happy to do a private demo.