Instructional Tech Talk Podcast – Episode 12 – Apple TV in the Classroom


Show Notes


Apple TV in the Classroom

The Apple TV is a great device to help display and distribute information to students. This segment is based on my article here.

VGA Adapter mentioned in the episode.



PATUE can be found on the hashtag #PATUE on Tuesday nights at 5PM PST on Twitter. PATUE was founded and is moderated by an awesome educator, Sam Patterson. Check it out!


Tech Educator Podcast

The segment of the Tech Educator Podcast played on the show today was from the most recent episode of TEP – check it out at

TEP is hosted live every Sunday evening at 7PM EST on by Jeff Herb, Jeff Bradbury, Jon Samuelson, and Sam Patterson.

Jeff Bradbury shares his most recent development of TeacherCast with